Environmental Initiatives ISO14001

Environmental Activities of Fuji Saitama. Environmental policy, environmental objectives, certification status ISO14001, activities ECO.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

Fuji Saitama, based on the idea of per to expand business activities in the region rich in nature, "making things in harmony with nature", to a prosperous society committed to the preservation of the earth and the global environment, better place to live for the next generation plays a social responsibility to contribute.

Code of Conduct

  • (1)Equipment to accurately grasp FA, business activities, such as circuit breakers and control equipment, the impact on the environment products and services is a major product, as far as possible taking into account technical and economic things, and every department across the company environmental objectives and targets set in, aims to environmental protection, pollution prevention and will work to reduce environmental impact. These aim to continuously improve, we aim to achieve more efficient environmental conservation activities.
  • (2)It will comply with self-regulation to clarify the matter law, ordinances, and other applicable agreements with respect to environmental aspects.
  • (3)Business activities, taking into account the environmental aspects related to products and services, will work the following matters as priority measures.
    • ①Lead to prevention of environmental risks to human health and the pollution of the natural environment by harmful chemicals and is committed to proper management and reduction.
    • ②Deeply aware of the finiteness of resources, and strive for efficient use of them. In addition, we will promote the separate collection of waste metal, plastic, paper, etc., will strive to reduce emissions and recycling.
    • ③For the prevention of global warming, and promote energy conservation activities in power, etc..
  • (4)This environmental policy is communicated to all employees and cooperating companies, suppliers, and to improve environmental awareness. In addition, as well as posted on the Internet, made available to the public.

April 1, 2009
President & CEO Shigeru Tsutsumi

Environmental objectives

  • 1.For the prevention of global warming, to reduce the amount of energy use is the use of maximum power
  • 2.In order to reduce environmental impact, to reduce the amount of cleaning agent is a chemical used Environmental Impact
  • 3.Collected and sorted into resources to reduce the amount of copy paper for use and recycling of waste reduction

ISO14001 Certification Status

Applicable standards JIS Q14001:2004 (ISO14001:2004)
Organization SaitamaFuji Co., Ltd.,
  • Design / Development and Manufacturing of Factory Automations
  • Manufacturing of Industrial Control Relays , Magnetic Switches, Electronic Applied Equipments and Gas Detectors
  • Manufacturing of Factory Automations, Circuit-breakers, Operating Mechanism Boxes and Parts Production
Initial certification September 25, 2002


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