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Message from the President, the basic information, basic principles, such as the Code of Conduct.

Message from the President

More than 40 years have passed with the support many of our customers was born and raised in Chichibu rich green.

『 Also has the ambition to challenge everything, enhance the sensitivity, we will transform our own 』

I want there to be continued to evolve from its inception, while inheriting the spirit of this, together with our customers to grow the future, in such company.

President Shigeru Tsutsumi

Basic information

July 31, 2012

Name SAITAMA FUJI CO., LTD.  About Us(9.4MB)April 1, 2012
Founding September 1970
Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 187
Address 783 Yamada, Chichibu, Saitama, Japan 〒 368-0004 [MAP
Phone number +81-494-24-1111
FAX number +81-494-25-0410
Officer Chairman of the Board Akira Tsutsumi
President & CEO Shigeru Tsutsumi
Senior Managing Director Yoshimasa Hirayama
Executive director Kohei Suzuki
Director Hiroshi Soma
Auditor Seisuke Egawa
Business Equipment Division Assembly of the control relay
Assembly of the magnet switch
Assembly of solid-state CCT
Assembly of electronic device
Press design and manufacture, of molded parts
Division FA Equipment design and manufacture of FA
Parts machining (machining centers)
DC circuit breaker assembly (BWV)
Sell their products of laser processing machine
Production, design and contract development of laser processing machine
The design and manufacture of press mold-type
ISO ISO14001 : 2004 Certified(Initial certification : September 25, 2002) [Detail
ISO9001 : 2008 Certified(Initial certification : December 27, 1999) [Detail
Affiliated companies
  • Iwate Fuji Co., Ltd.  ISO9001 certified factory
  • Karumai 2-52-2 Oaza Karumai county town, Iwate Prefecture Kunohe 〒 028-6302
  • TEL:+81-195-46-3121
  • Business Assembly of the control relay control equipment,magnet switches, timers, etc.
  • Alpha Co., Ltd.
  • Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture town Shimomiyaji 25-33 〒 368-0005
  • TEL:+81-195-24-5000
  • Business:
    • Design and manufacture jigs and tools, a variety of labor-saving equipment
    • Various manufacturing precision sheet metal can manufacturing, parts fabrication and rectifier filter ball Darling
    • Mold, plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing
    • Printed circuit boards, electronic components, electrical equipment manufacturing
    • Sale of equipment in general machine tool industry, conduction equipment, hydraulic equipment, etc.
    • Air conditioning equipment sales, storeroom, general construction of prefabricated houses, construction
    • OA equipment sales such as a copying machine, personal computer word processing, general office equipment


We increase the sensitivity, have a motion considered for change is always the aim of the company has at the origin the mind to realize the (cost, quality, delivery time), is strongly required and making things that satisfy our customers the highest quality you.

Then, joy and to contribute to society also strives to save the global environment, to pursue the happiness of employees and their families involved with the development of their management activities.


  • 1. Greeting with a smile
  • 2. Customer First
  • 3. Speed
  • 4. Challenge and ambition
  • 5. Carry through