The test room has been open for customers to consider the introduction of laser processing machine is recommended to determine the machining conditions.

Only a combination of laser and optical system oscillator, making the same situation of production and processing is difficult. In the process towards the production, processing without moving the laser light so will not work or, you must create an environment like this from the test phase.

It can be equipped with permanent laser oscillator various, the base machine. Since it is possible to test using the processing environment close to the real process, you can consider the introduction to low-risk.

Laser processing machine in the photo, is a thing in our planning. Since we manufacture all our company, detailed settings and adjustments are possible. Please use because it is made by processing seem to be able to test reproducible.

Thank you for your reservation.

  • 1:Vendor and part beam laser oscillator
  • 2:CO2 processing optical system (air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon gas)
  • 3:Processing optics and YAG, the observation optical system
  • 4:Light for observation (Red and white, dimming)
  • 5:CCD camera for observation (Monitoring and image processing)
  • 6:XY stage (servo motor)
  • 7:Z stage (pulse motor)
  • 8:Stone plate
  • 9:Control box (Allows full control by external WindowsPC)

Laser oscillator

  • YAG (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm)
  • CO2(10640nm)
  • (It is possible according to the content processing, to rent a laser oscillator from other manufacturers)

Optical system

  • Fixed optical system (CO2 & YAG1064nm & YAG532nm & YAG355nm)
  • fθ Optical system(CO2&YAG1064nm&YAG355nm)

Image system

  • Camera image processing (200 million pixels or monochrome)
  • Camera for observation (Color pixels / 1.3 million)

Drive system

  • XYZ Stage (X300mm/Y200mm/Z40mm)、
  • XY Galvano motor (Digital)

Observation tool

  • Microscope(×100~1000)、
  • Actual microscope(×180)