Laser machine

We are satisfying the demand of customer's machining processing, to sell our original Laser precision machining machine and to develop and to manufacture it. Our Laser System has been used a lot of scenes such as research, development, prototype and mass production.
We also sell these original products, are "The Laser System to divide Ceramics Substrates. (LCS201 series)" and "The Laser System to remove thin protected layer. (LCD355 series)".

Divide ceramics substrates LCS201

LCS201 is a Laser System to process ceramics (aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, etc) fast and high accuracy and divides substrates that made from them. It has low running cost because of need no maintenance, different from ordinary dicer and diamond cutter that should be changed an edged tools. It realizes a dry process, needs during processing no oil or water.It is possible to auto alignment to use picture processing.We have achievement for processing at a thickness of from 0.36 to 1.00mm substrates.

Removing thin protected layer LCD355 SERIES.

gLCD355 SERIESh is equipment to use Laser that can remove thin or very thin protected layer at high speed and wide area. It removes thin protected layer that is made from materials such as Cr, Al, Ni, Cu, Ti, Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ta, Mo, ITO, Parylene etcc for optics and semiconductors to use Laser beam with pinpoint accuracy above base material.

We develop the Laser machine with your order.

We develop the Laser machine with your order. It corresponds to wide area, high precision, high speed and complicated production and is able to use picture processing and so on. We handle with large range of Laser machine example for Research, Development and Industrial. We develop several processing applications to select the best matching Laser, such as YAG1064nm, 532nm, 355nm / CO2 / Fiber / Disc / Short pulse (pico second, femto second).

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