To support the foundation of precision mold parts from machining to machining mechanical parts. Prototypes and small lot production of a larger work is good.

We promise the highest accuracy

High reliability precision individual parts is a key ingredient. Processing equipment is composed of NC machine a number of beginning with the machining center horizontal, vertical, large equipment ultra-precision electrical discharge machine sculpted shape wire cut, grinder jig, such as grinding and profile has been deployed more .

Collective skills of high technology

Skilled and exceptional superior technology these facilities, and with all your heart he tries to be "manufacturing" (top finishers always competitions skill variety) collective skills of qualified personnel Skills Test nation.

Vocational press, assembly, electronics assembly and distribution board-finish assembly and mechanical finishing jigs, surface grinder, lathe Van milling lathe numerical control machining ・ M / C machining inspection and mechanical engineering drawings (100 total number of certified skilled worker training instructors, other)

Acceptable data


CAD / CAM software ownership

CamMagic、CamMagic DM、 CamMagic DM 2D、 CamMagic DM 3D