Next generation support

We order in accordance with the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, you can create a general business owner action plan, employees can demonstrate their ability to perform easy maintenance of the employment environment aims to balance work and family, act as follows: develop a plan.

1.Planning period

August 1, 2008 to July 31, 2011(Three years)


Goal 1 : And that after the return to work is to be returned to the job equivalent jobs Hara, carried out over rules for ensuring personnel alternatives like easy to get the vacation leave and nursing care childcare leave in the planning period, and also review the number of days limit of the system reduced working hours to.

<Plan amendment>

①And child-care leave system, (revision of the rules of employment) to limit review of the number of days of child care leave system is greater than the statutory
・Child-care leave system : Until the child reaches 2 years old (Up to 6 months 1 year statutory)
・System of child care leave : 7 days, 14 days limit if two or more people per person (5 days, two or more people is a statutory limit of 10 days per person)
■Experience : Get three names in the past three years in fiscal 2008-2010 (Retrieved until the child reaches 2 years 100% of the female birth, a name is included)

②And nursing care leave system, review of the number of days as vacation care for short-term limit is greater than the statutory (Revision of the rules of employment) ・Care leave system : Total limit of 100 days (Legal limit to 93 days)
・Short-term care leave system : 7 days, two or more people is limited to 14 days per person (Legal : 5 days, two or more people is limited to 10 days per person)
■Experience : Get a name section chief fiscal year 2008 (45 days), a name acquired in fiscal 2009

<New system>

①Consultation installation of childcare and care leave (Kanai Affairs - December 2008)
②Care, self-development, institutional establishment, etc. can be used to fund volunteer vacation (40 days paid + 10 days reserve = 50 days maximum)

Goal 2 : To seven years until around 2010, expanded to (Fri-Mon) two days a week from Friday, one day a week a no-overtime day, in order to educate to reduce overtime working hours.

■Experience : Increased to (Fri-Mon) from twice a week (Friday) no-overtime day once a week for a reduction of overtime work (September 2009)
■Experience : Invited external lecturers, training work-life balance for their management layer (December 2009)

Goal 3 : Acceptance of young people to conduct internship, plant tours.

■Experience : Conducted plant tours, etc. accepted accepted internship, college students, high school, from special needs schools (A total of 27 accepted the name of six universities, three major department, 15 high school name, name of three special needs schools in the past three years in fiscal 2008 - 2010)


■Experience : Agreements about the safety of the town safe and secure area (November 2008-Chichibu police station)
■Experience : Implementation of safety patrol patrol area by pasting their stickers to the vehicle (November 2008)

For inquiries about this matter, the General Affairs Division, Corporate Planning Department (TEL.+81-494-24-1111)