Next generation support

We order in accordance with the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, you can create a general business owner action plan, employees can demonstrate their ability to perform easy maintenance of the employment environment aims to balance work and family, act as follows: develop a plan.

1.Planning period

August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2014(Three years)


Goal 1 : Developed a support system within the planning period to childcare leave, and aim to maintain more than 80% of female employees take childcare leave, childcare leave to obtain one or more male employees.

  • ■From November 2011 : To well-known that men can get the childcare leave
  • ■From January 2012 : Study of support system who childcare leave

Goal 2 : By August 2012, expanded to (Mon, Wed, Fri) from three days a week (Fri-Mon) Day two days a week no overtime, in order to educate to reduce overtime working hours.

  • ■From January 2012 : Study of the problems in each department every
  • ■From October 2012 : Implementation of (3 times a week) no-overtime day

Goal 3 : Carried to accept the internship of young factory tour.

  • ■Accept trainees from special schools such as universities and higher schools, neighborhood, work experience by providing opportunities for field training
  • ■Conducted a tour of the factory at any time for prospective jobs
  • ■From November 2012 : Implementation efforts to promote employment of persons with disabilities

For inquiries about this matter, the General Affairs Division, Corporate Planning Department (TEL.+81-494-24-1111)