Privacy Policy

This page describes the handling of personal information on this site. Considers the visitors of this site (. Hereinafter referred to as users), and when the use of this site, you agree to our privacy policy.

Scope of application

Our privacy policy, in all services that belong to the domain of this site will be applied with respect to our handling of personal information obtained from the user.

Definition of terms

Personal information refers to the (information that can be identified directly or indirectly and a specific individual.) Personal information set forth in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Acquisition of Personal Information

This site, in case the user can send information freely, and if a user sends personal information voluntarily, except to the extent that is presented by our privacy policy, getting your personal information without the consent of the user ・ publish is not available.

This site contains information that can not be directly identified individual user IP address of the user, date and time visit, user agent, such as viewing route, may be recorded automatically, for example by a server or web beacons.

In this site, only to information recorded in the user's computer information that can not use cookies to improve the convenience of the user, to identify directly the individual user, is recorded on this site, a user you may read the information from your computer.

Purpose of use of personal information

The information is provided from the user, in a range that can not be identified or indirectly and directly the individual user, you may be exposed, used as statistical information for purposes such as research and service improvement.

Personal information that is provided from the user, the user only the person who provided that information, you may want to use for purposes such as correspondence and Important Information to contact us.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Through this site, if you access the services provided by a third party, that is based on the privacy policy of such third party listed, the user's information will be provided for the purpose of acquisition and information gathering, such as cookies or web beacons by There is.

Choices about the provision of personal information

If the service provided by a third party user, you access the Site and through this site, this, do not want to provide the information that is retrieved by the cookie, the user refuse to provide information by disabling cookies can be.

Responsible management of personal information

Information and personal information pursuant to, personal information supplied by the user are managed in accordance with our privacy policy is the operator of this site.

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