Quality assurance. Quality policy, certification status ISO9001, main standards for certification status.

Realization of the highest quality that are trusted by customers
To expand the continuous improvement of its effectiveness to meet the requirements of the customer to establish requirements and laws and regulations in order to achieve the goal, the quality management system.

We aim to "ensure the quality to meet the customers' trust" established, and this quality policy to all employees the chest.

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ISO9001 Certification Status

Applicable standards JIS Q 9001:2008 (ISO9001:2008)
Organization SAITAMA FUJI CO., LTD.
  • Design / Development and Manufacturing of Factory Automation
  • Manufacturing of Industrial Control Relays , Magnetic Switches, Electronic applied Equipments, Gas Leak Detectors and Super-timers
  • Manufacturing of Circuit-breakers, Operating Mechanism Boxes and Parts Products
Initial certification December 27, 1999

The main standard certification status

Standard Product
UL/CSA (1)Magnet switch (2)Control relay (3)Electronic device (4)Super Timer
TUV/CE (1)Magnet switch (2)Control relay
CCC (1)Magnet switch